08.05.18 42nd Get-Together: Unicorns in Tech meets Project A

42nd Get-Together: Unicorns in Tech meets Project A

08.05.18 42nd Get-Together: Unicorns in Tech meets Project A
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08.05.18 von: 19:00 Uhr bis: 22:00 Uhr

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Welcome to our 42nd Unicorns In Tech Get-Together hosted by Project A

Presented by Uhlala


UNICORNS IN TECH is the global tech community for LGBT and straight allies. It is the ideal place for everyone who is at home in the world of technology, whether they are an industry professional or a more casual enthusiast. On a monthly basis, we organize get-together events: www.unicornsintech.com

These events are hosted by proud companies. Since we founded UNICORNS IN TECH in October 2014 our network has grown to over 2800 members!

Project A is an international venture capital firm based in Berlin.
They invest in passionate early-stage entrepreneurs and provide them with exclusive access to their team of 100 operational experts in areas such as IT & Product, Marketing & Brand Building, Business Intelligence, and Recruiting.

About Uhlala

Since 2009 Uhlala has been supporting, connecting and empowering LGBT people in their careers and bringing them together with companies and organizations that take a stand for LGBT diversity. This goal is pursued through different projects, including UNICORNS IN TECH: www.uhlala.com

You can find the full event schedule below.


All of our Get-Togethers are free of charge for UNICORNS IN TECH members but will cost €20 for non-members.

Become a UNICORNS IN TECH member here: http://www.unicornsintech.com/become-a-member

Tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/42-get-together-unicorns-in-tech-meets-project-a-tickets-44442000219

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