23.11.18 FFF


23.11.18 FFF
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23.11.18 22:30 Uhr

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Kategorie: Cruising Area/Fetisch/Gay Sauna




Forvitinn invites Figkott to Ficken 3000

It’s about an f situation
A f* queer night for experiencing music, flirt, sex,respect with two athenian queers on decks serving greek pure olive oil realness. Best Guaranteed Beginning of a long long weekend, don’t u think?

FIGKOTT is known for “Qreclaim” and “The Schenkens” events. Both of them are well-known and they unite a new party generation of Athens, that seek to get some unique experiences based on the principles of rave and sex positive cruising culture. The Qreclaim is the biggest queer athenian rave and attracts more than 1000+ strong crowd. Figkott music tastes go from avant-guard electronics to straight up techno with house kisses.

FORVITINN is a multidimensional artist from Athens, based in Berlin.
Both music producer and dj he hosts and plays in parties between the two capitals.
As a dj his music is his punk approach on electronic dance music.
varying from weirdo techno mixes idm breakbeat to fluid house baselines.
„raftonar records“

''all genders and bodies are welcome''
Satisfaction Guaranteed ✓

at the door :
the immaculate ''Bubblegum TVOD''.

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