28.06.19 Plastic - Soli for Brazilian Lgbtiq* hosted by Venganza & Pelvic

Plastic - Soli for Brazilian Lgbtiq* hosted by Venganza & Pelvic

28.06.19 Plastic - Soli for Brazilian Lgbtiq* hosted by Venganza & Pelvic
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a queer celebration of popculture

SOLI FOR BRAZILIAN LGBTIQ* hosted by Venganza & Pelvic:

For this PLASTIC edition, in light of the election of an outright LGBTIA+phobic, racist and authoritarian president in Brazil, we are focusing on keeping peripheric non-binary, trans and queer brazilian folk, with important and interesting work, afloat out of Brazil and supporting the ones receiving support at Casa Chama in São Paulo.

To celebrate Stonewall's 50 anniversary, PELVIC will also be launching brasileitransfund.com, a website where you can see brazilian LGBTQIA+ artist profiles who are travelling abroad with their art and support them directly regardless of their crowdfunding choice, be it a website or a cash app address.

The funds gathered at SchwuZ will go to Casa Chama in São Paulo, Brazil, as well as there will be QR codes at the party also directly linking you to Casa Chama’s PayPal, as well as directly to the artists featured in brasileitransfund.com .

These artists and thinkers are either currently holding crowdfunding online to leave, have recently left, are doing their best to work internationally or need help to come back to Europe. Your donation in community support is vital, so we thank you ahead, COME PARTY FOR RESISTANCE!

Olympia Bukkakis
Berlin Disaster

House hosted by Venganza

DJ Lynce

Doing The Most hosted by Pelvic.
Ch3rnobyl (Lolla, Eric & Slim)

Gieza Poke's Rubber Dolls show hosted by Lola Rose:
Sofia Turnter
The Darvish
Agnes Mitchell Travestieshow

Performance: Collapsellas Singalong Toilet

Free Shots: Cupcake

Eintritt: 8 Euro vor Mitternacht / 11 Euro nach Mitternacht

Artwork by Aysha Tengiz

Partykids, das ist eure Zeit. Mit PLASTIC zog eine neue Eventreihe in die heiligen Hallen des SchwuZ‘, die auf 3 Floors Fashion, Extravaganz, Extase und Kreativität vereint und mit euch zusammen feiert. PLASTIC bringt diverse Communities zusammen und widmet sich der aufregenden Welt der Popkultur. PLASTIC ist ein Zuhause für leidenschaftliche Musikfans auf der Schnittstelle zwischen Kunst und Pop, Trash und Underground. PLASTIC ist all about now, liefert monatlich aufregende Dragshows und holt euch die Acts nach Neukölln, die aktuell die Blogs begeistern. Diesen Monat ist Ratchet an Bord, die im Februar den Doing The Most Floor mit HipHop, RnB und BassSound kuratieren werden. PLASTIC ist eure subkulturelle Artpop-Party, direkt am Puls der Zeit. Life in plastic, it‘s fantastic.


Partykids, this one is for you. A multiorgasmic, ecstatic, creative extravaganza on three floors combining the best and brightest SchwuZ has to offer. PLASTIC brings communities together to celebrate all aspects of popculture. Passionate music nerds meet everybody who is anybody in pop and trash. Their kisses taste of the underground and look like the purest form of love. Because we are all living in the big, juicy NOW. And it is beautiful: The acts getting love from the blogs, combined with the tastes of black cracker, producer and artist dejour, curating the RnB and HipHop-Flavours of the Doing The Most Floor with all his might. PLASTIC is just under the radar, where art meets pop and the all the new pretty things grow into the light. Life in plastic, it's fantastic.

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