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Kurz und knapp

We are three artist, together we create Ogay. Ogay is a meeting for everyone, but directed to gay people to support everyones's free sexual choices.


Ogay is a meeting to celebrate good music and the freedom of individuals sexual choices. The gay scene in Hamburg doesn't really move anywhere. It is stuck in old topics, it really sucks. But it does exist an amount of gay people who follows new tendencies, ideas and want to get together once in a while.
At the same time we celebrate and want to show to everyone, that to be gay is just a sexual choice. Homosexuality is persecuted, even with dead penalty in many countries of the world.
Ogay will happen one time a month, at thier, in Schulterblatt 98. There will be always quality of music offer by some of the best djs, producers, or musicians that played for some of the best clubs in Hamburg like, Golden Pudel, Kraniche, Uebel und Gefaerhlich...

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