17.02.18 Rosa Hirsch I Sa 17.02 I Hirsch

Rosa Hirsch I Sa 17.02 I Hirsch

17.02.18 Rosa Hirsch I Sa 17.02 I Hirsch
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von: 17.02.18 23:00 Uhr
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This Love comes from outta Space! ROSA HIRSCH am Samstag, den 17.02.2018!

Hip-House and Elektro-Tracks from a Heart-Shaped-Box @ Area 1!

Party-Pop with a Hip and a Hop till you drop @ Area 2!

If you're Single and ready to mingle... if you're looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right or if you just live happily ever after... Show it with our Wristbands!

Farben Statusbänder: GELB (suche Liebe), BLAU (bin vergeben), ROT (suche Sex)!

Make yourself a lucky Winner @ Facebook!

Halle: Hip House & Electro
DJ Sonique
Lounge: Party & Pop

Samstag, 17.02.2018
23 Uhr, Hirsch
Vogelweiherstr. 66
90441 Nürnberg

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